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Did you know that in the UK alone it is thought that we consume around 70 million cups of coffee EVERY DAY! Crazy. At Crussh we believe there is so much more to coffee than simply gulping down a mug of instant for that morning caffeine fix. Coffee is something to be enjoyed and savoured. It should be tailored made to suit your every need or as we like to call it, Smart coffee!

So… what makes our coffee smart?

+ You gotta start with the basics… our 100% arabica beans are always Fair Trade and always organic.

+ Organic milk – We only use organic dairy milk to complement our organic coffee.

+ Non diary milks – No dairy? No problem… we can make your coffee with soya, almond, coconut or oat!

+ CBD – It’s the latest buzz word in the world of coffee. You can now add CBD oil to any coffee for £1.50. And relax… 

Not yet clued up about CBD? Well CBD is short for cannabidiol, it is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the hemp plant. It doesn’t contain the psychoactive part of the plant that cannabis contains, known as THC and there are numerous studies currently testing its effectiveness in treating a whole host of ailments, from mild anxiety to epilepsy…

+ BulletproofTM – if you don’t know… get to know! BulletproofTM coffee has many benefits… find out more here: blog.bulletproof.com

+ Turmeric – Ok so, strictly speaking, our turmeric latte is not a coffee (unless you go dirty of course) but fresh turmeric, ginger, almond drink, agave & cinnamon make for a delicious, healthy caffeine-free alternative.

+ Ginger – our ginger shot latte is one way to spice up your morning!

+ It pays to go reusable! You’ll save 25p on your hot drink every time you use a reusable cup in store. Good for you, good for the planet!

So there you have it, Smart Coffee is more than just the daily grind. It’s coffee with a little added umph!

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