We are an employer required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Mean and Median Results

Gender pay gap (Mean) 24%
Gender pay gap (Median) 8%
Bonus gender pay gap (Mean) 31%
Bonus gender pay gap (Median) -18%

The proportion of male employees earning bonus

    for the period was 57%.

The proportion of female employees earning bonus

    for the period was 57%.

Quartile gender splits

Quartile % Male % Female
First 33% 67%
Second 35% 65%
Third 33% 67%
Fourth 48% 52%

Gender pay gap (Mean)

    The overall gender pay gap (Mean) is driven primarily by the higher paid roles within the business being occupied by male employees. The executive level of our business for the period only contained 3 females out of 12 employees, with the more senior executive/ higher paid roles within this group at the time being occupied by male employees. Whilst we retain a high proportion of women in all areas of the business, the higher hourly rate roles at a senior nature are often occupied by male employees. This is a legacy issue and we are committed to improving this over coming years.
    When looking at comparable roles within the business, Crussh pays equal amounts regardless of gender, as we believe it is important that we have a diverse and inclusive workforce. We are also in line with our legal obligations under the Equal Pay Act 2010.

Gender pay gap (Median)

    When looking at the median gender pay gap, the data enforces the above conclusion that the overall mean gap is weighted by our senior executive roles being occupied by male employees. The median gap is much smaller, at 8%.

Bonus gaps (Mean & median) & proportion of employees receiving bonus

    We find that whilst the mean bonus gender pay gap is 31% in favor of men, when taking the median, the gap is 18% in favor of women. The mean gender pay gap is a result of more men than women managing larger store formats.
    With both 57% of men and women achieving bonus, the data reinforces the supposition that when looking at comparable roles within the business, Crussh pays women and men comparable salaries.

Proportion of men and women in each quartile

    Crussh is a very diverse employer, with a slightly higher proportion of women overall. The higher proportion of women supports the findings that it is a small number of higher hourly paid male executives, or longer serving male employees, whose earnings are driving the statistics.

Action taken since the Snapshot date and period

    Since the Snapshot date and bonus period, Crussh has implemented several improved practices have been put in place, such as tighter, more robust recruitment practices, as well as clearer policies around bonus payments, both on their frequency and their qualifying criteria.
    We anticipate that due to a larger internal growth of management, the overall gender pay gap will decrease for the next reportable period and we will continue to focus on reducing the gender pay gap over coming years.

I confirm the above data is true and accurate.

Shane Kavanagh
Crussh Fit Food and Juice Bars