10 new soups

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10 new soups

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10 new flavours, all under 250 calories & tastier than ever, our new soups have arrived!
There’s no better way to beat the cold than by wrapping your hands around a hot & hearty soup for lunch. And, this Autumn, nobody is going empty handed. Our new soups are here and they’re hotter than ever, (If we do say so ourselves…)

Sundried tomato & basil: 3/5, V, Ve, WF, DF, LF, LOW CAL
Tomato, sun-dried tomato & basil
Hot tip: pair me up with the chipotle corn & avo healthpot, you’ll achieve your entire 5/5 a day in one sitting – result!

Super greens: 3/5, V, Ve, WF, DF, LF
Peas, leeks, broccoli, courgette, edamame, kale & spinach
Hot tip: This one is great if you want to soup-er charge your day with a healthy dose of iron & calcium.

Smoked haddock & sweet potato chowder: 1/5, WF, LF, HP
Sweet potato, sweetcorn & smoked haddock with crème fraiche & chives
Hot tip: This soup is a great pick if you’ve managed to sneak out the office for a mid-day gym class & need a high protein lunch on the go.

Carrot & butternut: 2/5, V, WF, LF
Carrot, butternut squash & fresh herbs
Hot tip: Go on, grab a piece of fresh sourdough or gluten free bread and get dipping, this soup is just perfect for it.

Roasted red pepper & tomato 3/5, V, Ve, WF, DF, LF
Tomato, roasted red pepper, sundried tomato & oregano
Hot tip: A classic soup needs a suited match, we’d opt for the free range ham & cheddar cheese toastie with this soup. Hello Autumn.

Thai pea & edamame: 1/5, V, Ve, WF, DF, LF
Edamame, peas & green beans simmered with Thai green curry paste & coconut milk
Hot tip: Edamame beans, peas & beans are a great source of protein – we’d highly recommend this meal to vegans or veggie lovers alike.

Lentil kale and quinoa: 3/5, V, Ve, WF, DF, LF
Tomato, kale, lentils & quinoa
Hot tip: Too late for lunch but too early for dinner? This soup is a great inbetweener, it will keep that tummy from rumbling on the tube ride home.

Vegetable Minestrone: 2/5, V, WF, LF
Tomato, Courgette, peas & spinach with arborio rice
Hot tip: Minestrone is an Autumn fave, you simply can’t go wrong with this one. (While it’s pretty darn tasty, we can’t guarantee it will be as good as your nan’s)

Chicken Mulligatawny: 1/5, WF, LF, HP
Chicken, potato, apple, rice, sultanas & curry powder
Hot Tip: Looking for a bit of extra spice? This soups for you…

Chicken, butternut & lentil: 2/5, WF, DF, LF, HP, LOW CAL
Chicken, butternut squash, lentils, spinach & cumin
Hot tip: Keep this one far away from your colleagues, one whiff and you might find yourself having to share!

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