5 top tips for boosting your protein intake

Protein Pots

Protein… everyone’s talking about it but not everyone is getting enough of it! Did you know that aside from water, proteins are the most abundant kind of molecules in the human body. They are a major structural component of every cell (especially muscle) and consuming enough protein is essential for growth and maintenance.

It’s not always easy upping your protein so here are our top 5 tips for boosting your intake!

1. Add protein to your oats!

Our NEW banana & cacao protein overnight oats are the perfect high protein, on the go breakfast containing a whopping 17g of protein! (Gluten free oats, 0% fat Greek-style yoghurt, banana, dates, cacao, flaxseeds & whey protein topped with goji berries & flaked almonds.) If you’re making overnight oats or porridge at home, try adding Greek yoghurt and a protein supplement for a sure-fire way to push up the protein.

2. Drink your protein

It might sound obvious, but drinking your protein is one-way to up your intake. We’re loving Barebells protein shakes (now available at Crussh, YAY!) they contain a whopping 24g of protein, are lactose free and have absolutely no added sugar!

3. Snack savvy

Snack on protein rich foods such as boiled eggs, Greek yoghurt, nuts and protein balls!

4. Protein doesn’t have to be meaty!

It’s always good to mix up your protein source and these days there are plenty of veggie and vegan proteins out there! Have a go at meat free Monday and try swapping your chicken for tofu. Other vegan protein sources include chickpeas, beans, lentil and nut butters to name a few.

5. Eat protein with every meal

Consciously make protein part of every meal and your overall intake will naturally increase. Using an app to track your daily food intake can help with this – we’re loving MyFitnessPal!

So there you have it, 5 ways to up your intake… you’ll be a pro at protein before you know it!

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