Celery Juice – for the Brave?

Celery can be a controversial little vegetable.

It packs a taste more divisive than Marmite and is one of the 14 legally defined allergens in this country. For early adopters of wellness trends however, Celery Juice is firmly on the radar.

Anthony William, aka The Medical Medium, sparked the celery conversation earlier last year, hailing it as something of a superfood that has the potential to relieve the physical and mental symptoms from a host of medical conditions.[1]

This green ‘elixir’ is now endorsed by the likes of Goop and Forbes as well as a host of CEL-ebrities from Novak Djokovic to The Kardashians…but are people really buying it?

A bunch of Celery

Google searches for Celery juice saw a huge spike in January of this year[2] and #celeryjuice has been used to tag over 200,000 Instagram posts to date.

Last year at Crussh alone we sold over 3,000 Celery Juices off-menu (There’s no secret handshake – just ask!), meaning this looks set to be a trend that continues long into 2020.

While we are realistic about claiming that a single vegetable juice has the power to completely change your life (last time we checked it couldn’t add more hours into the day, or raise a PO), adding celery juice to your diet could well come with some potential benefits.

We are launching Celery Juice into our line-up this Jan and here our Head of Food, James Kidman, gives us his take;

Head of Food, James Kidman“Celery is loaded with essential minerals and vitamins such as folate, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin K and vitamin C. This makes it great for the skin, reducing inflammation, and it can help heal and activate the gut making digestion faster and more efficient.”

Whether you are standing on the rooftops shouting ‘Cel-Yeah’ or getting Ce-LARY this particular stalky green isn’t going anywhere – it’s up to you to decide if you are up for the challenge!

[1] Medical Medium Website –                   

[2] Google search data –

By Jenni Lambert for Crussh

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