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Crussh of the month: Chris Baxter

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Every month we’ll be interviewing an individual who we just can’t take our eyes off. This month we sat down with Chris Baxter, because there's simply nothing this guy can't do! When not with clients at the gym, on a run or at a fashion shoot, Chris Baxter can usually be found at Crussh (so it was easy to hunt him down for this interview!)

Hey Chris! Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m originally from Leeds but moved to London three years ago to pursue a modelling career. One weekend when visiting, I got scouted by a modeling agency on Regent Street! It was there & then that I decided to move to the big smoke!
Since moving to London, many doors have opened and my path has naturally taken it’s course into the health and fitness world, something I’ve always been super passionate about. I completed a personal training course in January and have enjoyed training clients privately ever since.

Give us the scoop, what does a typical day in the life of Chris Baxter look like?
My alarm goes off at 5.30am most mornings (sometime earlier) and I head straight into the kitchen to tuck into my overnight soaked oats. I get a quick shower then it’s back to the kitchen for eggs and avo on toast. A good breakfast really starts my day strong, which is needed before I get to the gym at 7am to meet my first client.
My days are especially busy now as I’m training to be a Bootcamp instructor. An intense 3 hour training session a day can be intense, but I absolutely love it! After Bootcamp training, it’s back to the gym for my evening clients. I get home around 9pm so it’s a long day. Crussh is a lifesaver, giving me the nutrients and energy I need to get me through the busy days.

Where is your favourite place to work out in London & why?
Easy answer, Barry’s Bootcamp! It offers a great mix of cardio and weights. The music, amazing instructors and family vibe keep me going back for more!!!

What's your secret to staying motivated in the gym?
As a personal trainer I feel like I must set an example. How can I ask someone to push themselves to the limit if I can’t do the same!!

What is one thing you like & dislike about London?
I LOVE the museums. I didn’t do arty stuff a few years ago and now I’m obsessed!!
I don’t like seeing so many homeless people on the streets these days. Especially at this time of year. If I won the lottery I would go out personally and help everyone possible.

If you had to pick one meal to enjoy every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Eggs. On. Toast. You can enjoy eggs in so many different ways, they're never boring & always tasty!

Who is your #Fitspo & why?
This might sound a bit cheesy, my buddy George Lloyd, Barry’s Bootcamp instructor and personal trainer. His posts are motivating and he’s so humble and works hard that it makes him relatable.

Which smoothie or juice is your fave from the Crussh menu?
Easy answer…. Almond butter protein shake. Its da bomb!!!

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