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Crussh of the month: George Lloyd

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Every month we’ll be interviewing an individual who we just can’t take our eyes off. We’ll get the low down on their fave places to eat, work out and explore London.

This month we sat down with one of our favourite customers, and Barry’s Bootcamp trainer, George Lloyd.

What does a typical day in the life of George look like?
I wake up at 5.30am, I don’t like to keep my clients waiting! I quickly munch on some breakfast, and before you know it I’m out the door by 6am sharp. I train 2-3 clients per day, and then teach 2-3 Barry’s Bootcamp classes per day, so the day goes by pretty quickly. In between all of that, I’m running around doing castings for my modeling, which can take place anywhere in London. Home at 11pm means a quick dinner & straight into bed for me.

What are some of your favourite types of exercise?
HIIT is a natural go-to for me. I love a fat burning exploder, and a workout that really gets my adrenaline pumping. The best part about HIIT is the energetic feeling you get afterwards, there’s nothing better than knowing you’ve just smashed an intense work out! I’ve recently started getting into Olympic lifting, as I love a challenge and a workout that requires commitment to personal goals. Working at Barry’s has helped me find light in many forms of exercise, but ultimately, fitness is all about doing what you

What’s your favourite thing about London?
I love the London energy & buzz. There’s always something happening on every corner, in every part of town. Opportunity in London is limitless, especially in the fitness & health industry. It’s now more exciting than ever, with new fitness concepts popping up, new trendy cafes & great healthy places to eat – there’s nowhere else I’d rather be!

What is your main motivation to get out of bed every morning?
This might be cheesy, but it’s literally my job that gets me out of bed. Doing something you love is such a powerful motivator. I was previously in an office job where I was sitting down all day, and I personally just lacked the motivation for it. Now, I can’t wait to jump out of bed every morning!

What’s your fave food of all time?
Without doubt, a Chicken burrito. Or anything with cheese and I am in!

When you’re not teaching at Barry’s, getting your blue steel on behind the camera or taking PT sessions, what elsewould we find you doing?
You’ll definitely find me on the sofa at home, watching Game of Thrones with my two dogs. The new season is amazing!

What are your thoughts on the fitness industry today, and where do you see it going in the future?
There are two sides to fitness in today’s world. There is still a side that’s a little dated, if I’m honest! Sadly, I sometimes see the more superficial, intimidating and competitive side of fitness in the industry today. However, as time goes by, fitness is becoming more approachable, accessible & adaptable to everyone’s lifestyle, allowing everyone a chance (and no excuses) to be active. ‘Healthy’ no longer means ripped bikini bodies & massive muscly men, Its now about mental, & emotional & physical wellbeing. There are some amazing concepts like Barry’s, that makes fitness fun, unconventional & exciting, and I only see this progressing in the future to come. Outdoor gyms, home work outs & every type of yoga under the sun – I predict these concepts will grow and take over, giving every Londoner a chance to get involved!

Who are you loving on social media?
I’m quite selective about who I follow to be honest! I just like positive, open minded & real people, who are open to collaboration & sharing of ideas, and opposed to competition. Faisal, Barry's master trainer is my mentor, so I’m constantly keeping up with his crazy antics. I love Joe wicks, Alexia Clark and anyone who shares great video content. I’ve also recently taken an interest in following yoga & mindfulness pages.

Future aspirations?
Before anything, I’d love to become a Barry’s master trainer! It’s such a great, fun place to work and we’ve got a great community going on there. I also want to create my own online platform, where I’d be able to tailor specific fitness experiences to specific people.


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