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Crussh of the month: Jo & Emily

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Every month we’ll be interviewing an individual who we just can’t take our eyes off. We’ll get the lowdown on their fave places to eat, work out and explore London. This month we sat down with not one, but two of our fave Insta personalities, Jo Bedford (@jobedford21) & Emily-Jane (@enerjize_fitness). Here’s what they had to say…

Hey hey girls! Tell us a little about yourselves?
Jo: I’m a 24 year old dog lover who works in the marketing industry by day & works out in the gym by night. From spinning to pilates to yoga & boxing, the limit does not exist with fitness for me! I have a great group of friends at gym who keep me motivated & excited to always get out there and have a great workout.
Emily: I’m 27 and live in Surrey with my husband. I'm a yoga teacher, PT & group fitness instructor who loves all things health & fitness! From running to surfing to yoga, If I’m not working out I’m in the kitchen cooking up a nutritious storm!

How did you two meet?
Jo: About two years ago now I was in a bit of a rut with my exercise. I was still attending gym & classes, but found it more of a chore than a genuine passion. One day I saw Emily post on Instagram that she was training to become a certified PT, and if anybody fancied a training session with her while she practiced. I jumped at the chance and boy oh boy did she kick my a**! I started going to her gym classes regularly, and now we travel the world together and are #soulmates! Ha.

Is there anything that annoys you about each other?
Jo: Emily NEVER stops, she’s like a Duracell bunny with an unlimited battery life! Sometimes I’ll turn up to the gym for a relatively chilled session, but that never happens with Emily around. She’s always so positive and pushes me to get up & get moving, thanks Emily!
Emily: I’d have to say it’s all the gossiping we get up to during training! This has created the need for us to constantly take breaks for brunch, there’s just always so much to catch up on.

What fitness classes and/or gyms are you loving at the mo?
Jo: I love Paola’s Body Barre, as I used to do ballet, so love a class that involves barre! I’m also a major fan of Barry’s, everyone always turns up 110% committed & ready to push themselves – it’s a great vibe! Another fave is F45, both Emily & I enjoy getting out sweat on, and after 45 minutes of a hard circuit, a good sweat is always guaranteed!
Emily: You’ve GOT to love Barry’s – both an amazing cardio & strength workout all in one HIIT! I love the sprint work on the treadmill, it rocks! As Jo mentioned, we love F45 in Kingston, everyone in the class are there to smash it! You’ll also find me at my local yoga studio, I practice regularly.

Where will we find you catching up for brunch on the weekends?
Jo & Emily: The Juice Smith in Cobham is B-E-A-UTIFUL & the waffles are to die for. The vegan macaroni & cheese is definitely your next best bet. Next on the list, the Daisy Green collection, we’ve heard such great things!

Who are you just obsessed with following on social media & why?
Jo: I absolutely love @sarahs_day because she just keeps it real and has great advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. @thesouthernyogi is also great for some great yoga inspo & videos.
Emily: I love the honest @sarah_bowmar, her workouts are intense! Some serious #Fitspo right there. I also follow a very close friend of mine called @thebodypsychology because she is the most dedicated person I’ve ever met! (She also knows how to bake up a great treat!)

Where is your fave place you have travelled to date and where’s next on the list?
Jo: Bali and New Zealand are two of my favourite destinations, If the weather is warm & there’s a beach, you can count me in! We’re both off to India in Feb on a yoga course before meeting friends and partners in Sri Lanka. We’re so excited!
Emily: I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some beautiful places, especially on my honeymoon this year! However, my favourite place is still Woolacombe in North Devon, as it’s where I’ve travelled year on year since childhood. Next up: some serious yoga, trekking, surfing & snorkelling in India & Sri Lanka, eeek!

What is your fave item from the Crussh menu?
Jo: A better question would be what don’t I like! The scrambled eggs with salmon & avocado is a firm favourite, but I also love the Chicken, chick pea & peanut hot pot for lunch! My fave juice is The Energiser, perfect for an afternoon kick when you’re trying to limit yourself to one coffee per day.
Emily: ALL OF IT, YUM! I love Crussh coffee, juices & energy balls for when I’m on the go! When I have a minute to sit down & indulge, you’ll find me with a protein healthpot.

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