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Crussh of the month: The Light Centre

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There's no hiding our massive Crush on the Light Centre studios, we've even made sure there's a Crussh in every one of them! This month, we sat down with founder, Mark & Head of Marketing, Gary to get the scoop on all things yoga, wellness & more!

Tell us about the Light Centre?
The LC was found by Mark Thompson in 2005. The first centre was in Belgravia and we now have two more centres both in the City of London. The Centres are designed as one-stop-shops for all things natural and holistic. We have Yoga and Pilates classes, a large range of therapies, workshops, courses and of course a Crussh café in each one.

What made you fall in love with the wellness Industry, and how did the idea for the Light Centre come about?
Mark is an Osteopath and Naturopath and realised that to be truly holistic in your approach to health you need to address physical, mental and dietary issues. Very few places if any, were doing everything in one place, so as a serial entrepreneur he felt he needed to take up the challenge.


Reformer pilates, yoga, meditation…there are so many classes to pick from! Which is your personal favourite and why?
Gary: I particularly like Yin Yoga classes. I find the stillness quite challenging but also very helpful. Many of us have a hard time being 'present' and Yin Yoga really helps keep you in the moment.

What’s the best food and/or drink for an after class refuel?
Mark: Lots of fluid and natural nutrients especially water-soluble vitamins, B and C.

What tip would you give all the aspiring yoga/pilates teachers out there?
Mark: We think it’s important to Be confident, be different and build your own social media following!

How do you stay motivated to get up and moving as we head into the colder months?
Gary: I think it's important to keep moving and to get as much daylight as you can. It's very hard to keep topped up on Vit D over the winter which a lack of can cause all sorts of health issues; particularly low energy!

If you could go to any yoga retreat in the world, where would you go?
Gary: That's a tough one! I particularly like warm countries which seem to suit Yoga. I've had some amazing experiences in Turkey on retreats. I think the most important thing though is to try to disconnect from our normal routines and to reconnect with ourselves.

For a Light Centre near you…

Belgravia: http://www.lightcentrebelgravia.co.uk/

Moorgate: http://www.lightcentremoorgate.co.uk/

Monument: http://lightcentremonument.co.uk/

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