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Crussh of the month: Mango & Bliss

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Every month we’ll be interviewing an individual who we just can’t take our eyes off. We’ll get the lowdown on their fave places to eat, work out and explore London.

This month we sat down with the bubbly, intelligent wonder woman otherwise known as ‘Mango & Bliss’ on Instagram. 

Hey hey! What's your real name & where did your social media persona Mango & Bliss originate from?
My name is Laura Rua, hello! “Mango & Bliss” was born after brainstorming names with a friend from Instagram. It’s catchy, positive and filled with good vibes!

How did you begin your journey discovering health and what is your main source of inspiration?
I just got to a point in my life where I thought, “Okay Laura, this is it! Enough giving up, it’s time to change your lifestyle"
I was diagnosed with PCOS (endocrine disorder) which can lead to weight gain, anxiety, increased risk of diabetes and high cholesterol, just to name a few of the associated risks.
And so it started. I became more mindful of what I put on my plate, started exercising more, drinking more waters and slowly changing my lifestyle & habits. My main inspiration was Instagram! A great place to start as you can find healthy recipes, work out ideas & connect with likeminded people, who can help you keep your motivation up!

What does a day in the life of Laura look like?
My day is as busy as any full-time workers day! I wake up at 7:30am, put my porridge on the hob, pop the kettle on and get ready for work. I always make sure I enjoy my breakfast slowly & peacefully, it’s my favourite time of the day!

I work in an an Oncology Pharmacy which is intense, both mentally and physically. Once I finish work at 6pm I head out to a fitness class, an influencers event, or home where I can go for a run or do a BBG workout.
After dinner and a catch up with my fiancée, I spend some time on social media (which I am making an effort to minimise) or just chill whilst watching GOT.

What is your favourite type of workout and why?
If I had to choose only one, I would have to pick Spinning, any time! There is nothing like the energy in a spinning room; loud music and flashing lights, it’s just such a fantastic atmosphere.

What is your all-time favourite foods to eat that you just can’t get enough of?
Ah wow, this is a tough question for a foodie, ha! I would have to say...poached eggs, watermelon, pancakes and cheese. YES, cheese!

Who are some of your favourite people to follow on social media & why?
Fab Giovanetti (@fabgiovanetti)
This boss lady is my ultimate inspiration. I have had the pleasure to be friends with Fab for about 3 years now. She puts sense in my head, brings me down to earth & loves pizza as much as I do!

Hazel Wallace (@thefoodmedic)
Hazel even knows how much I love her! I can’t seem to get enough of her, whether its stalking her on Instagram or whipping up some of the recipes from her book. Hazel is not just a health guru, she is a doctor, personal trainer, writer and blogger who holds a hefty 174k followers. She is an incredible multitasker!

Sarah Malcs (@sarahmalcs)
Sarah is a little gem! She has the most gorgeous smile and is very inspirational! Her Instagram is filled with drool worth recipes and she is just genuinely the most down to earth lady I have ever met.

There are many more inspirational accounts out there, I could stay talking about them all evening! Make sure you check @youleanmeup , @thepigsadventure, @fitchar.uk, @thefashionfitnessfoodie to name a few!

Where can we read more about you?
Website: www.mangoandbliss.com
Social media: @MangoandBliss

Just want to remind every that a lifestyle of balance is the key to happiness :)

XX Laura

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