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Crussh of the Month: The Vegan Edit

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Every month we’ll be interviewing an individual who we just can’t take our eyes off. We’ll get the low down on their fave places to eat, work out and explore London.

She's been here, there and everywhere and is really knowledgable when it comes to nutrition, yoga & wellbeing. We sat down with Ruth Allmark, otherwise known as 'The Vegan Edit' to get the latest on all things Vegan!

When and how did you start living a vegan lifestyle?
So I first went vegan 1.5 years ago now, and vegetarian a while before that. I studied Nutritional Therapy and learnt so much about the health benefits of a vegan diet. Then studying and watching Netflix documentaries on health, environment and animal cruelty lead me to commit to a vegan diet. I’ve never looked back. I think it helps to be vegetarian first, then cut out milk, egg and cheese after that. There are so many great alternatives and delicious products on the market now that it’s so much easier now than when I started. Most of the supermarkets are launching their own range of vegan cheeses which says it all!

What do you eat to stay energetic, productive & healthy during the M-F grind?
Breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day. I always work out in the morning, so a good breakfast is important to keep me going! Either a smoothie with hemp seed powder for extra protein, soy yoghurt with fruit and nuts, or overnight oats with yummy toppings like almond butter and berries.  During the winter soups and stews are a staple for me, I’ll add tofu chunks, spinach or sprinkle on seeds to give them some glamour! Now it’s getting warmer (hooray!) i’m getting into big quinoa veggie salads again, and lunch always involves Hummus! I make it a few times a week to dollop on salads and into wraps, or as a snack with carrots. One of my top tips is to ask yourself, ‘how can I add more nutrients to this meal?’Add in some nuts, seeds, berries, lentils, spinach, etc to give your meal a boost!


When you’re not blogging or working where would we find you?
Definitely at a health food cafe with a green juice and a big plate of food. I love eating out and discovering new cafes and restaurants. It’s my favourite way to catch up with friends too. Part of being my friend is agreeing to humour me while I get all excited about a vegan menu :)

What are some of your favourite vegan restaurants in London?
We’re so lucky as London’s Vegan scene is buzzing at the moment, and it’s definitely growing too. Super exciting! 26 Grains or Farmacy are both great for breakfast. For lunch I love Raw Press or Ethos. For dinner I love Mildreds, Wild Food Cafe or my local Vegan Express. Just some of my faves. There are so many others I can’t wait to try too!

What gyms and/or classes are you loving at the moment?
At the moment I’m doing a mixture of Hiit classes, pilates, barre and yoga each week. Yoga is always my favourite though, I love Yotopia in Covent Garden for their hot yoga classes. You really feel as though you’ve had a great workout, stretch and relax all in one! Another Space is also great for yoga, it’s super stylish and has a post workout smoothie bar too.

If you could just get up and go, where would you travel to?
Definitely Bali :) It’s my favourite place, I went twice last year! The scenery is beautiful, the beaches are breathtaking, the people are so friendly, the food is to die for, the vibe is super chilled - heaven!

What is your fave product from Crussh?
This is a hard one… I think i’ve got to say the Veggie Greens Juice as I love a hardcore zingy green juice and this one is SO good! I can’t go in without getting one! I often nip into the Notting Hill Crussh on a Saturday morning for a juice and an overnight oats pot - a great start to the weekend! My close second is the nut mylk, when I have the long train journey home to Devon, I grab a bottle of the vanilla almond protein mylk and wrap for a picnic to go :)

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