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Crussh Step Challenge

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1 challenge, 30 people and more than 5 million steps later, our head office team have finally completed their first physical challenge of 2017

After we ended 2016 with chocolate, booze and one too many Christmas indulgences, the start of the new year saw a desperate need for Crussh to walk it all off!

The Challenge:
The challenge itself was simple, we broke up into 5 teams, clocked in our steps every day for four weeks, and put on our most competitive shoes!

The Prize:
The team who walked the most collective steps = Winners lunch
The individual who walked further than anyone else = A day off

The People:
The office broke up into 5 teams; Marketing & Design, Area Managers, Crussh Kitchen, People Team & Finance. Whilst everyone played (relatively) fairly, there was a bit of speculation about Nick, our Head of Operations. Rumor has it he managed to tie his tracker onto his dog! Tsk tsk…

The Results:
After a month of fierce competition, the Marketing & Design team walked their way to success! While they’re debating where to go for their winning lunch, the rest of the office has them on high alert for the next Crussh challenge. And who took home the overall prize? Grace, our Marketing Executive ended on 639 104 steps, so she’s bagged herself an extra day off, wonder if she’ll be using it for rest and recovery?

New challenge coming soon, so stay tuned!


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