8 Tips for a More Sustainable Christmas

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The sparkliest, most indulgent time of the year has officially begun!

But among all the merriment it’s easy to forget that not all that glitters is golden when it comes to sustainability.

On average we each buy up to 10 presents for our family and friends[1], and the UK consumes 10 million turkeys over the festive period[2]. Factor in the rest of our festive feasting and decorations and that creates the potential of environmental damage from packaging, food and fuel to consider.

So how can you make sure you feel good about your choices amid a sea of wrapping paper, tinsel and leftovers? Check out our 8 top tips on how to have a more sustainable Christmas without compromising on any of the fun!

1. Turn old habits into new tricks

A lot of the seasonal choices we make are based on tradition, but with more awareness of environmental issues we all have a responsibility to make better decisions. This Christmas ask yourself:

  1. Do I know the full environmental impact?
  2. Can I make a more sustainable choice?
  3. If I can’t then can I let it go?

Whether it’s swapping tinsel for paper bunting, picking up gifts instead of relying on deliveries or choosing eco-encouraging gifts for others there are small changes we can all make that together will make an impact.

Check out London’s Christmas Zero Waste Market for more ideas!

2. Winner Winner, Christmas Dinner

For our annual ’12 days of Christmas’ giveaway (original right?!) we have teamed up with a host of sustainable brands that we think are doing great things and who we want to share with everyone.

This includes Cheeky Panda, environmental innovators with eco-friendly alternatives to traditional paper based tissue products. They have achieved B Corp status, and their fantastic products are made from 100 FSC® certified virgin bamboo from sustainable sources.

Also on the list we have products from organic and biodegradable tampon brand Ohne, who are doing amazing things for periods, with their innovative use of CBD oil.

On top of these two wonderful brands we have goodies from Arena Flowers, ranked the #1 most ethical florist in the UK and the first independent British business to source all their roses as Fairtrade[3].

Don’t forget to enter our daily competitions via the Crussh Instagram from 02 Dec – 14 Dec.

3. Mull it over

Think about the day to day changes you’ve already made, and how to build them into the most magical time of the year! Take your reusable cup along to Christmas markets for hot chocolate or mulled wine with a conscience.

We love ecoffee cups fun designs, which are available to buy in Crussh stores. Even better, we’ll give you 50p off your coffee each time you use it in store.

4. Ho Ho No!

Amazon, aka the REAL Santa Claus – am I right? But door to door deliveries, impulse last-minute gift purchases and extra packaging for deliveries mean multiple negative impacts on the environment.

Get as organized as possible and buy your gifts in store, make them or use a click and collect service to reduce transport emissions.

5. Wise and shine

Pretty as it is, glitter is largely made from microplastics which end up in the Ocean. Scary when you consider we are rarely more than 10 paces from the stuff during December! It’s on us to wise up and switch to biodegradable options.

We recommend Eco Stardust and Eco Glitter Fun to keep the sparkle in your season’s greetings!

6. To:  The Planet, From:  All Of Us

Having recently attempted to explain vegan leather to my Nan I don’t *think* she will be adding Veja’s to her Christmas list anytime soon, but she at least appreciated the sentiment. Why not try giving those that are a little less sustainability savvy a gift they will absolutely love, that also does the planet some good?!

We recommend checking out the B-Corp company directory for a list of businesses that have certified green credentials (as well social, public and legal accountability).

The list includes: The Body Shop and Beauty Kitchen – Because what is Christmas without a few smellies!

7. Driving home for Christmas?

As tempting as it is to jump in the car and drive between Christmas plans could you use public transport or lift pool with anyone else? Booking train tickets in advance saves you money, avoids those Christmas traffic jams AND means you can treat yourself to the great British classic of a festive train wine and a Christmas sandwich on the way!

8. Plant Based? Noel problem.

Have you become more plant based in 2019 and are wondering how to survive festive feasting? Make friends and family some of your favourite vegan dishes to try, you could even make it a Christmas taste-testing game!

Some of our fave plant based products that don’t compromise on taste are;

With a few small changes we can all have a more planet-friendly Christmas!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas from Crussh!





By Jenni Lambert for Crussh

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