Dairy free? That’s t-OAT-ly fine!

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Dairy free? That’s t-OAT-ly fine!

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You spoke, we listened… so here it is. We are delighted to introduce Oatly to our range of dairy free alternatives! The barista edition is something of a revelation, we’re talking perfectly frothy tops on your favourite organic coffee every time, for just 30p extra.

What else is on the menu? 

If oats aren’t floating your boat, we have plenty of other dairy and non-dairy options which are absolutely free! Our cow’s milk is organic and comes skinny or whole. And then we have the non-dairy options - coconut, soya and almond!

So, if you like your americano with dairy, your latte with soya, your flat white with coconut or your cappuccino with almond that’s no problems – we encourage you to make it your way!

Top tip – add ginger to your favourite coffee for an extra buzz in the morning. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

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