Drink your greens!

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Drink your greens!

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‘Eat your greens’… the mantra of mums and dads up and down the country! And eating your greens is great and highly recommended, but what about if you could drink them too?! Well at Crussh, we’ll help you can do just that.

From totally veggie to a fruity veggie mix, everyone has a place on the green juice scale at Crussh. You can choose from…

LEAN GREEN - Spinach, kale, kiwi, pear, pineapple, apple

GREEN GODDESS - Kiwi, pear, apple, lime, celery, cucumber, spinach

VEGGIE GREENS - Kale, spinach, ginger, lime, cucumber, celery


*NEW* POWER GREENS – Broccoli, courgette, spinach, pear, parsley

Our new Power Greens juice has the slightly unusual addition of broccoli and you may be surprised to know that it’s the stalks we’re juicing up. Yep – the bit that usually ends up in the bin, that’s where the good stuff’s hiding!

Each and every one of these lovely ingredients is packing a POWERFUL nutritional punch.

  • Broccoli – a cruciferous vegetable packed full of antioxidants which help protect the body from free radicals. It’s also a great source of vitamins K, vitamin C, folic acid & potassium.
  • Courgette - a source of vitamin K and vitamin C alongside potassium, which is key to controlling blood pressure.
  • Spinach – an excellent source of iron, an essential mineral that helps create haemoglobin, which brings oxygen to the body's tissues.
  • Pear – a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Parsley - a nutritional powerhouse with vitamins A, B, C and K and the minerals iron and potassium alongside folate which helps support a healthy heart.

I think it’s safe to say drinking green juice has its nutritional pros and when it tastes great too, you’re onto a winner. So, what you are waiting for… drink your greens!

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