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A variety of Crussh plant based food products

Another Veganuary is upon us, and we believe that eating a more plant-based diet is a big thumbs up for not just for our health, but also the health of the planet. Scientific research has shown the impact of mass meat and dairy production, and it’s time for everyone to do their bit, however small that might be.

Our menu here at Crussh is now 47% vegan, and 70% vegetarian, so you’ve come to the right place to move to a more plant-based diet.Whether you’re getting involved in #veganuary, or just looking to up your veggie intake, we’ve got plenty on offer from breakfast to lunch, and all the snacks inbetween – ‘lettuce’ introduce our Crussh top 5 vegan eats… (the puns are free).

All hail the mighty GREEN JUICE

Green juice has a been on the menu at Crussh for nearly 10 years now, and today our most popular is the Veggie Greens – pure veggie goodness made from kale, spinach, ginger, lime, celery, cucumber. Green juice is one of the easiest ways to clock up that veggie count and will help get you well under way to your 10 a day. Boom.

THE vegan ‘CHEESE’ toastie

Launched back in 2018, our vegan ‘cheese’ toastie has acquired quite the fan base over the past couple of years and don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere! Vegan cheddar-style ‘cheese’, red pepper tapenade, fire roasted red peppers & rocket served in our signature sourdough spelt toastie. Described by some as a pizza in a toastie, you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this one.

Vegan Toastie


Looking for protein gains but want an alternative to whey protein? Look no further my friend! Our brand new range of plant-based protein shakes are made with an all-natural star line up – a pea & hemp blend protein, plant-based milk and an array of different awesome ingredients, from almond butter & flaxseeds to bananas and berries. There are 4 flavours to choose from.

Little pots of vegan dessert MAGIC

Ah the mighty dessert. Not always top of mind in January but we might just have something to change that. Our range of vegan dessert pots have been popular since we added them to the menu back in 2018, with the Key Lime Pie being a particular favourite. All natural, vegan, no refined sugar. And bloomin’ delicious. But wait, something new for Jan? That’s right. Our new Veganaire’s Shortbread bites might just change your life. Well your 9-5 life anyway. 3 mini bites of pure deliciousness right there. Plus, there’s no refined sugar in sight. Enjoy.

Vegan Dessert Pots


Looking for a shortcut to your 5/5 a day? Then look no further. Our Jackfruit Tinga Fit Bowl is packed full of hot, plant-based goodness with a delicious mix of mixed beans & jackfruit in a tomato and chilli chipotle sauce, served with sweet potato mash and topped at the counter with guacamole & fresh slaw. Mmmmm. Plus, did you know that not only is jackfruit low in fat and high in fibre, but it also contains iron, potassium, and calcium? Winning.

So, what are you waiting for? #veganuary

By Helen Harrison for Crussh

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