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Food and drink

All our freshly pressed juices, smoothies, protein shakes and hot drinks are made to order on site. 

Our hot breakfast (porridge & eggs) and our hot pots & soups are all heated on site and toppings are served fresh at the counter. 

The rest of our food items are made in our central kitchen in East London and delivered to our stores each morning.  

A breakdown of each product’s allergens, ingredients & nutritional info and can be found on our individual product pages via our menu 

We also have a quick reference Allergy Guide, which details the allergens per product. 

Unfortunately no, they’re not organic.  

We source with seasonality in mind to ensure the product is at its best throughout the year, and that’s not always possible with the variety of fruit & veg we source.  

We source a lot of different types of fruit & veg for our freshly pressed juices and smoothies in stores, and these are all 2nd class fruit & veg, or ‘wonky fruit & veg’. 

To learn more about the fruit & veg we source, visit our Sustainability & Sourcing page.

They’re called Class 2 because they are not always aesthetically perfect, hence the term ‘wonky fruit and veg’. This is often rejected by supermarkets because the shape or size can look a bit funny but they’re perfect for juicing and smoothies.  

All our Cold Press juices also use wonky fruit & veg and are produced locally in Cambridgeshire.

We try and source lots locally and from the UK, but it depends on the ingredient and where it is grown.  

We source our spinach & kale from local fields in Kent, unless there’s a problem with the weather and we need to get it from somewhere else. 

We get a lot of our bread from a local bakery called Paul Rhodes, who we worked with to create our own unique sourdough spelt toastie recipe. 

Our coffee, hot chocolate, soya milk and acai are all organic.

We source most of our chicken from the EU. This is the case for our wraps, protein box salad, and sandwiches. Unfortunately, we have had to move to sourcing our chicken from the UK to the EU recently. The fact that a lot of our products are now vegetarian, coupled with the impacts of COVID have meant changes to our business and the quantity of chicken products we sell – we are no longer able to buy British chicken at a price that makes our products affordable for consumers.  

Our chicken is not currently Halal.

Yes, all cheese used in toasties, sandwiches, egg toppings and hot pots is pasteurised. 

All our cheese containing products are therefore suitable to eat during pregnancy.

Yes, it is vegetarian, made using microbial rennet.

Yes, there is palm oil in some of our products, but only as an ingredient used within products or ingredients we buy in from suppliers, such as wraps or granola. All are from suppliers using sustainable RSPO palm oil.

Our coffee is Organic & Fairtrade and we use 100% arabica beans from African & South American regions. (Our coffee is sourced by our partner Bewley’s)   

Fairtrade is an institutional arrangement designed to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions. Promise of higher prices to exporters, as well as improved social and environmental standards.  

At Crussh we pay Fairtrade premiums each year, and these premium payments are used by coffee farmers in Peru, Honduras & Colombia to invest in their businesses to make them more sustainable for the future. These funds are also used for community development projects based on needs identified by the groups themselves. 

Packaging and sustainability

We use a range of materials, depending on the product and how it’s consumed.  

99% of our plastics are widely recyclable and we endeavour to always use RPET plastic (recycled) to prevent virgin oil-based plastics being created.  

We serve our salads in a compostable base made from bagasse (sugar cane residue) and a fully recyclable lid, made from 70% recycled materials.  

Where possible, we have removed plastic forms of packaging and serve products in recyclable paper bags, like for our sourdough toasties.  

No plastic straws in Crussh stores – we offer compostable straws as an alternative. We also sell reusable stainless-steel straws to encourage customers to re-use. 

Several of our in-store items like napkins & coffee sleeves are made from recycled materials & are 100% bio-degradable. 

To learn more visit our Sustainability & Sourcing page.

Yes! We offer a 50p discount for customers who bring in reusable coffee cups in Crussh stores. We sell e-coffee bamboo cups in all stores and we give a free coffee with every purchase. 

We also offer a 50p discount for customers who bring in reusable cups for juices and smoothies.

Back in 2019, we trialled compostable juice cups and compostable bins in Crussh stores. The cups were made from a plant-based material, and looked very similar to a recyclable plastic cup. 

Whilst the cups worked well, we came across some challenges with the disposal of the cups. 

For the drinks consumed in store and correctly disposed of in the designated compostable bin, no problems. However, most of our drinks are takeaway, and we therefore cannot guarantee the empty cup will end up in the correct type of compostable bin, which is where the problem lies.   

Most people would automatically put the empty cup in a recycling bin because it looks like plastic, however that causes lots of issues when sent to the recycling plants. The reason being that compostable cups are made to mimic a plastic which means that if they’re put in a recycling bin, the machinery at recycling plants thinks it’s a plastic, picks it up and then deposits with the other plastics. This then ends up contaminating the plastic waste because it’s a different material, meaning the whole batch cannot be recycled and thus, ends up in landfill. This is a country-wide challenge surrounding the waste streams and collections currently in place.  

This is a challenge for any packaging made from compostable materials.  

We are however, continuing to review this area.

Our stores are a mixture of shapes and sizes – small kiosk formats to some with seating areas, but the majority of our food and drink is take-away. We therefore serve our drinks in 100% recyclable cups, as this is what works best for most of our customers.

Crussh loyalty card on Embargo app

Embargo is a brilliant ‘digital wallet’ for your loyalty cards and it literally takes a minute to download. There are no lengthy sign-up forms, you just pop in your mobile number and you’re ready to go.

Download the Embargo app today.

You can collect stamps on all freshly made juices, smoothies, protein shakes and hot drinks.  

5 stamps = Free coffee or ½ price juice, smoothie or shake 

10 stamps = Free coffee, juice, smoothie or shake  

There are also exclusive monthly offers for app users, which you’ll receive via your app notifications.

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