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Crussh of the month: Jess Sriv

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Every month we’ll be interviewing an individual who we just can’t take our eyes off. We’ll get the low down on their fave places to eat, work out and explore London!

Our February Crussh has to be the amazing Jess Sriv, read below to see why…

1)    Tell us a little about yourself?
I currently live in London working as a dentist as well as a health and fitness blogger so I just about manage to juggle both my passions for teeth and fitness! I hope to showcase through Instagram and blog that achieving a healthy lifestyle whilst working full time is somewhat achievable!

2)    What is your go-to DIY breakfast?
ZOATS! This is my absolute favourite breakfast of all time and is made by adding grated courgette to protein powder and oats. It sounds bizarre I know, but I have a recipe on my blog that I follow every day and then just change up the flavours and toppings to keep it interesting. It's how I start every single morning and I never get bored of it!

3)    Where is your favorite place to work out in London?
I adore Core Collective on High Street Kensington. It’s such a cool space with a few different studios specialising in various disciplines. My favourite is the Velocity class, which is high intensity interval training carried out in a dark room with loud music – who doesn't want to break out a sweat to that?!

4)    What is your secret to managing the work/life/blogger life balance?
I would say being efficient with time is the most important way to manage both aspects. I’m pretty old school and write every single date and errand in my FiloFax, which I carry everywhere. It really does help me stay organised with both aspects of my life. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I get home from work and will have dinner and lie on the sofa for 5 hours watching Netflix..! But the majority of the time, when I’m not working, I’ll be blogging or catching up with emails. It doesn't really feel like a chore when you love what you do!

5)    If you had to have one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I know I’m a creature of habit but it’s definitely zoats..! They’re just so versatile and pack in an amazing balance of protein, carbs and fats, as well as one of your 5 a day! Plus, there’s nothing I love more than a big bowl of carbs topped with chocolate and nut butter. The dream!



6)    What’s your recommendation on a great place for a dinner date, or catch up with friends?
For a dinner date, I love sushi so it would either be Roka or SW London’s best-kept secret – Koji in Parsons Green. For a catch up with friends, it usually involves brunch and matcha, so Beany Green is always a firm fav. But if we are short on time and want somewhere more accessible, then it has to be Crussh!

7)    What’s your favorite item from the Crussh menu?
At the moment I am loving the Green Miracle juice. However, the Veggie Greens is also delicious. Anything green and vegetable based and I’m sold!


Where can you catch Jess when she’s not sipping her greens at Crussh?



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