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So apparently we’re in for some bracing weather this Feb, so preparation is more important than ever! To help,  we’re giving away FREE boosters this month with any raw juice or smoothie.

Booster newbie? Don’t break a sweat! Simply adding a booster to your raw juice or smoothie can be a quick-fix for the inevitable winter cold, or even just a little pick me up for your Friday morning hangover! (Cause dry January’s a thing of the past right?)


Here’s our top five boosters for Feb!

Vitamin C Booster - Helps fight against bacteria and viruses, especially  cold and flu
Detox Booster - Contains cleansing herbs & vitamins including milk thistle, schisandra & ginger extract to get you cleansed in no time!
Guarana Booster - Quickens perceptions, delays sleep and works wonders on that hangover!
Aloe Vera Booster - Good for digestion and with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, it’s great for stimulating the immune system.
Protein Power Booster – Contains whey protein, calcium caseinate & I-glutamine to accelerate muscle development crucial for that post work out refuel.

See full booster list here

We’ll help boost you through February the way we know best,
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