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        No, not a casting call for Magic Mike...

....it’s time for our new Autumn range.

Taking you straight from an Indian Summer to a Middle-Eastern Autumn, our range of warming #fitfood is growing to give you even more choice!

Here to challenge the mega popular Chicken Shawarma is our all-new Butternut Squash & Greek Style Cheese (no one say Feta) Hot Grain Salad! 

A delicious hot grain base of quinoa, buckwheat, rice, butterbeans and kale has been teamed up with (you’ve guessed it) Butternut Squash & Greek Style Cheese (definitely not Feta), which can be finished off at the counter with Zhoug and a creamy sunflower seed dressing.

This little veggie number will warm you up quicker than a pair of fleece lined gloves, and it we promise it will taste better too.

crussh hot food

Joining this we have our new hot wraps, including a Falafel, Greek-style cheese (in the style of Feta?) & red pepper hot wrap. Packed full of deliciousness we will toast this fresh for you in store.

Make sure you pop into a Crussh store this week to try all of our new items, which also includes  Chicken Rendang Curry, a Chicken Fajita Hot Wrap, a Tuna Melt Spelt Sourdough Toastie, an ACV (apple cider vinegar) Booster shot and Black Lemonade made with charcoal.

Happy Lunching!


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