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Hot + Healthy

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If you are what you eat then hot + healthy sit pretty high on the list right? Well we’ve got some good news for you… at Crussh you can eat a different hot + healthy dish every day of the week! Soups for under 250 calories, hearty hotpots and fit bowls that are at least 4 of your 5-a-day.

We’re also introducing a new edition to the menu, hot super grain salads! We’ve taken some of the heroes from the grain world and topped them with flavoursome falafel and protein packed, spiced chicken. Think Middle Eastern street food flavours with these guys.

Choose from vegan Beetroot Falafel with quinoa, red rice, chickpeas, lentils & sweet potato or pulled Chicken Shawarma thigh with white & red quinoa, buckwheat, rice, butter beans & kale.

To top off the flavour sensation, our hot super grain salads are drizzled with tahini dressing and zhoug. (If you are yet to come across it, zhoug is a spicy, flavoursome green chili sauce originating from Israel - it’s delicious!)

What else is hot right now…

If you’re yet to get stuck into a fit bowl, then where have you been? Our Turkey Chilli and Jackfruit Tinga fit bowls are served with sweet potato mash, zingy guacamole and a crunchy slaw – did we mention our Jackfruit Tinga was 5 of your 5-a-day?

With a whopping 23 hot + healthy dishes in rotation you’ll never be short of options!

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