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Ice Cold Coffee

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Switching our daily coffee from hot to iced is a sign that Summer is here to stay!

Introducing the Crussh original iced coffee - made with our signature coffee blend, milk, agave and poured over ice. We sweeten ours with agave as it’s natural, refined sugar free and vegan. An iced coffee in between meetings, as a mid-morning refresher or before you hop on the tube…it will have you sorted this Summer!

Yep, we’re still loving all things turmeric, and we’ve given our hot turmeric latte a twist for Summer…ice ice (baby). Our Turmeric Iced Latte is made with freshly pressed turmeric & ginger, almond milk, agave and poured over ice. Not only is it an energising explosion of flavours, but studies have shown that turmeric can assist the treatment of asthma, eczema and digestive problems. If you’re up for something with a bit of a kick, this one’s for you!

So, keep it cool, it gets rather hot out there!

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