I Climbed Snowden!

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I Climbed Snowden!

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Yep, he did.
Our Head of Operations Nick Nathan climbed Snowden Mountain in Wales over the weekend and here’s what he had to say about this experience.
(This is the same guy that tied his pedometer to his dog back in January during the step challenge…)

So, Nick, what did you do to prepare for the climb?
First, I bought a new pair of climbing shoes, stylish of course. Next, I slipped them on & took the dog for a walk so I could really break them in before the big day. Then, I sat in front of the computer and watched some Youtube videos on how to climb Snowden before I simply did turned up on the day!

What part of the hike did you find the most challenging?
Climbing up to the summit was definitely difficult, but I had my wife with me so we managed to push through. The last 20 minutes felt like it took forever! But when we got to the top, it was a great feeling! (Be it -5 degrees!)

How long did it take?
The whole journey from start to finish took a whopping 5 and half hours (not bad for a 40-something year old)

How did you re-fuel afterwards did you indulge in afterwards?
I stole a pack of Crussh energy balls and boy did they help. As it was my wedding anniversary weekend, we stayed in a great country hotel so the first thing was to jump in a hot bath, before feasting on a fantastic gourmet dinner.

What advice would you give someone attempting the climb in the future?
Wrap up warm, take your time and enjoy the scenery, it’s just beautiful!

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