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Avoiding the C-word!

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Alongside toilet roll and pasta availability, avoiding seasonal illness is a hot topic in the news right now. With the spread of  Coronavirus becoming an increasing concern people are looking more and more to the internet for guidance.

So what is the best way to protect yourself, and how can your diet help?

Firstly, we recommend visiting NHS England for official medical guidelines on how to avoid contracting and spreading the virus!

Want to go that extra step in protecting yourself? Read on to discover our top five foods and drinks that can help contribute to both immune health and some of the physical symptoms of colds and flu, and where you can find them at Crussh!


Ginger has long been used medicinally for its anti-inflammatory, digestive health and cold busting properties.

Compounds such as gingerols and shogaols can help to reduce symptoms connected to colds, such as sore throats and blocked noses, before they fully take hold [1], as well as reducing your recovery time.[2]

In addition to this Ginger also has antimicrobial properties that are important in fighting infections.[3]

So how do you get your ginger hit on-the-go without googling Prince Harry?

Pop into Crussh and brave a freshly pressed pure ginger shot, grab a pre-made booster shot from the fridge or add extra ginger to any of our raw juices to boost your daily dose.

2. Garlic

As well as lowering blood pressure a study has shown that garlic may be beneficial in the prevention and longevity of colds and flu, and further research is being carried out into its use as an alternative medicine.

The thought process behind this is based on the fact then when crushed (or chewed) garlic releases a compound called allicin, which is known to contain anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities.

Ready to scare off some vampires? (And colds)

Most of our hot food options contain garlic, and the zhoug dressing for our popular Hot Super Grain Salads is particularly potent! Check out our online menu for more details!


Highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine, Turmeric has gained wider popularity in recent years as more and more people tune into its healing abilities.

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties have been shown to ease congestion. It is also a strong antioxidant, supporting a healthy immune system when consumed regularly. [4]

Turmeric is extremely potent in colour and can even temporarily stain your skin so we recommend that you avoid wearing white before you get stuck in…             

We offer turmeric in a latte (along with ginger, an immunity double whammy), a raw juice (freshly pressed with apple, pear, and ginger), or as a shot on its own – feeling brave?!

4.Green Tea

With antioxidants in spades, Green Tea is exactly what your body needs when facing an onslaught of germs!

Green tea is abundant in the EGCG catechin, which has been proven to minimize the level of infectiousness in the most common strains of flu. [5]

We reckon it’s time for a cuppa!

Ask one of our team members for a list of the green teas we have on offer.

5.Echinacea & Vitamin C

We offer a range of boosters at Crussh, that you can add into your favourite juice or smoothie for just 50p, and this duo are known for their cold preventing and fighting abilities!

Echinacea contains essential oils & flavonoids that are known to increase the number of white blood cells in your body.This makes it a powerful & natural immune system stimulator that can help to fight colds & infections.

Vitamin C also contributes to the normal function of the immune system and may help speed up the recovery from cold symptoms.

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