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Kombucha… one of the buzziest buzz words of current times but did you know people around the world have been making and enjoying kombucha for thousands of years? There are lots of benefits to drinking kombucha and here at Crussh we’re all about the booch! With a little help from our friends over at Remedy, we’re here to shed a little light on this tasty little number.

So, what is kombucha?

Kombucha (kom-boo-cha) is a deliciously fizzy fermented tea. The traditional method of making kombucha involves a natural fermentation of sweet tea, wild healthy bacteria and yeasts.

The result… a tasty drink with sweet and sour flavours that contains healthy, living cultures (aka good bacteria) and organic acids that are good for your gut and overall wellbeing.

Remedy kombucha differs slightly to other Kombucha brands out there with the added benefit of it containing no sugar. A little confusing considering it starts life as a sweet tea right, but we’ll come onto that later…

How is it made?

Remedy Kombucha is handcrafted the old school way, following a traditional process that uses only natural and organic ingredients. It involves long aged brewing, traditional live cultured fermentation and is never ever pasteurised.

1. Brew a very, very big pot of sweet tea

Remedy use a blend of the best quality organic black and green tea. Organic raw sugar goes in at this point too… so how is it sugar free? Well, by the time the long-aged brewing process is complete, all the sugar has been consumed by the live cultures which creates healthy organic acids and a totally sugar free fizzy drink!

2. Add the mother culture

AKA SCOBY (Symbiotic Community of Bacteria and Yeast) Each and every batch of Remedy kombucha uses a descendent from the very first batch of Remedy. The same culture has been brewing kombucha for more than 40 years. That’s a sign of a very healthy, very strong live culture!

3. Wait 30 days

Brew the booch for 30 days in a warm, calm environment, in small batches.

4. Add some extra flavour

Whilst the hardcore amongst us believe in drinking it straight up, others wish to enjoy their booch with a little added pazzazz. At Crussh we’ve selected three tantalising flavours, Ginger Lemon, Raspberry Lemonade and Apple Crisp.

Why is it good for you?

The benefits of kombucha essentially come down to three key components: live cultures, organic acids, and antioxidants. Combined, these three powerhouses offer an array of benefits for our all-important gut health as well as overall health and wellbeing.

  • Live cultures – every bottle contains billions of good bacteria which are super beneficial to the gut!
  • Organic acids – these can:
    • Help suppress appetite
    • Prevent overgrowth of bad pathogenic bacteria
    • Provide an energy source for the good bacteria in your gut
    • Help stabilise blood sugar levels
    • Regulate cholesterol
  • Antioxidants – Kombucha contains naturally occurring polyphenols – nutrients rich in antioxidants which are thought to help the body fight illness and slow down the ageing process.
  • Naturally free from sugar – but still utterly delicious and refreshing!

Want to know more? You can get the full break down on these benefits over on Remedy’s blog

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