Make Kombucha at home using Remedy!

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Make Kombucha at home using Remedy!

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If like us, you’re a full blown booch addict then you might want to have a go at making it at home yourself… Did you know that you can use Remedy as a starter? All you really need is some tea, a little sugar, and two small bottles of Remedy Kombucha Original (or a mother culture/ SCOBY and feeder liquid*).


- 3.5 litres filtered water
- 1 cup organic raw sugar
- 12g organic black tea (6 teabags)
- 12g organic green tea (6 teabags)
- 2 x small bottles Remedy Kombucha, Original flavour



- Bring 3.5 litres filtered water to the boil.
- Add black tea and steep for 3 minutes.
- Add green tea and steep for a further 3 minutes.
- Strain tea into a 4-litre wide open mouthed jar and add sugar. Stir to dissolve.
- Allow tea to cool to 30 degrees.


- If you have a mother culture (aka SCOBY) and feeder*:
- Add kombucha feeder and place mother culture/ SCOBY on top of the liquid.
- If starting from scratch: add two bottles of Remedy Kombucha to the tea brew.
- Cover with muslin cloth and secure with an elastic band.
- Leave in a warm room away from food contaminants and direct sunlight for 7-10 days.


- Depending on the temperature of where you live, your kombucha will be ready in about seven to 10 days.
- If you used an existing mother culture, your brew will have formed a "baby" mother culture.
- If you used two bottles of Remedy to make the kombucha from scratch, your own mother culture will have grown along the surface of the jar.
- Taste to decide if it's ready. The kombucha should taste 
slightly sour with no tea flavour remaining. If you prefer a more sour taste, leave to ferment for a few more days.


- Remove mother culture (this can be used to make your next brew).
- Transfer your finished kombucha into sealed bottles to keep in the fridge.
- Enjoy!

So, if you’re fermentation curious, give the home brew a shot… it’s really rather easy!

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