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What is matcha green tea and where does it come from?

Matcha green tea is a bright green powder made from the ground-up leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, which is the same plant that regular green tea comes from.

Matcha green tea originates from ancient China, and it is believed to have been introduced to Japan – where most of today’s matcha is produced – by travelling monks around 9th century. Since then, it’s enjoyed steady popularity in these countries and has recently gained popularity in the West alongside the growing interest in health and wellness that matcha can contribute too.

What are some of its health benefits?

Matcha tea is world-renowned for its health benefits and has been used traditionally in Japan for centuries for relaxation and weight management. Many studies have been conducted using matcha and some of the findings are as follows:

  • It can increase your attention span- research has shown that three of matcha tea’s ingredients – l-theanine, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and caffeine – can increase cognitive performance.
  • It could help you relax- matcha green tea powder benefits include an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety). This is thought to be down to the amino acid l-theanine present in matcha green tea lowering the stress response in our bodies.
  • It’s packed with antioxidants- these help us fight off oxidative stress to our cells – which causes a wide range of diseases and contributes to skin ageing.

So drink up and enjoy all the natural benefits that matcha has to offer! Give our Matcha Latte or  Matcha Greens Super Smoothie a try.

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