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We’re celebrating #NationalVegetarianWeek by filling up on all of our fave veggie goodies. Here are some recommendations from the team on the veggie items at Crussh they just can’t get enough of!

James Kidman – Nutritionist & Product developer
Fave Veggie Item? I’m addicted to the Choc Avo Mousse
Why? Because chocolate is always a good idea, especially when there’s some veggie goodness hidden inside!

Helen Jones – Head of Marketing
Fave Veggie Item? I’m a huge fan of our new Vegan Nourish Box
Why? I love the ‘buddha bowl’ style of it and it’s a great mix of protein, carbs and fat. Plus, sitting centre stage is an avocado and coconut yogurt dressing…2 of my favourite things in 1 pot - heaven.

Ben Tyrer – Head of People
Fave Veggie Item? I have to say, the Lean Green juice has a special place in my heart
Why? Its tasty, delicious and a great way to get my daily greens in!

Chloe Gordon – Marketing Assistant
Fave veggie Item? Poached egg and sweet potato breakfast pot is a definite winner for me
Why? Starting the day right is important to me, and getting in a good amount of veg & protein is crucial to energising through the day! Complemented by a coffee of course…

Rowan Grobler – Finance Director
Fave veggie item? May I say…I enjoy the Avocado & Edamame healthpot
Why? Because it tastes freaking awesome, and avocado is always a winner in any dish!

Here’s to a week full of healthy, veggie goodness, Happy #NationalVegetarianWeek to all!

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