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Festive Drinks

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Naughty or Nice?

“Could you stomach sprouts in a juice?” The Daily Mail
“What led Crussh to create this monstrosity, er we mean concoction?” The Metro
What we did to deserve this isn't clear” BBC

Yes, the news is out and yes, it’s true. A juice with 15 brussel sprouts*, cucumber, celery & apple has hit our stores in true Crussh style! Not only are sprouts a classic Christmas staple, these cabbage-like veggies are stacked with Vit A, K & C – so why wouldn’t we throw them into a juice!After a heavy night of prosecco’s or an overdose on festive treats (it’s inevitable), the Christmas Cleanser is an antioxidising punch set to get you sorted.
Sprout lover, dare devil or anyone in need of a quick-fix cleanse – we dare you to give this one a go.
Christmas Cleanser Juice (V, Ve, GF, WF, LF, Low cal, from £4)

If a brussel sprout juice doesn’t quite sound like it would quench your thirst, we have a feeling our Choc Orange super smoothie will. Made with low fat yoghurt, milk, mandarin, banana, cacao & a de-stress booster - If you can’t get your hands on a Terry’s chocolate orange, this might be your next best bet! While Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of year, battling down Oxford st & juggling tricky relatives is enough to forget why we bother! The de-stress booster contains Phenylalanine, Tyrosine & Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) which assist the body to release stress fighting hormones & endorphins. During stress the body is depleted of vitamin B5, so this replenishing booster will help with a top up so you can prepare for a day of crowd surfing at the shops…Good Luck!
Choc orange super smoothie (V, GF, WF, Low fat, from £4.80)

So, will you go nice & sip up a whole lotta sprout in a Christmas Cleanser, or go a little naughty with an indulgent Choc Orange Super Smoothie? Let us know #CrusshChristmas

This winter we’re donating 10p from products across our range to mental health charity, Mind. Read more here.

*Based on a medium size.


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