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New Healthpots

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Its finally Spring! Longer days, lighter skies, fresh seasonal produce and before we know it…we’ll be in our summer shorts! (Note to self: schedule in a few more ‘leg sessions’)

But before all that, we’ve developed some delicious new healthpot recipes, light bright and just right for Spring! Not familiar with Crussh healthpots? They’re literally little pots of goodness! Packed with fresh, vibrant ingredients, and available in high protein, vegan or vegetarian options.

Introducing the health pot range...

The Vegan pots:
Persian cauliflower cous cous - NEW
Glorious greens - NEW
Butter bean, cherry tomato & parsley
Avocado, yuzu & edamame beans

The Veggie pots:
Cumin roasted carrot & chickpea - NEW
Beetroot & goats cheese - NEW
Chipotle corn & avo

The Protein pots:
Chicken protein - NEW
Poke protein - NEW
Jerk chicken protein - NEW
Tuna lean bean









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