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Gluten & dairy free vegan desserts

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Calling all dessert lovers! Our vegan desserts have hit the Crussh shelves, and yep, that’s right, they’re vegan, completely raw and refined sugar free – yay! Oh, and not to mention they’re ridiculously tasty & rather good looking (If we don’t say so ourselves)

The range includes...

Raw Banoffee
Made with banana, dates and almond butter on a pecan & almond crumb…the raw banoffee is set to secure a soft spot in your heart!
FitFact: Bananas are a powerful source of potassium, which can help maintain healthy heart function, increase energy & improve digestion.

Raw Key Lime Pie
Made with avocado and lime on a cacao & walnut crumb…the key lime pie is an explosion of sweet & tangy flavours for your taste buds!
FitFact: Lime is rich in Vit C, so apart from the radiant glow you may notice, it also contains a natural acidity which can assist with digestion.

Raw Choc Avo Mousse
Made with cacao, avocado, dates & agave and topped with a raspberry garnish, it’s hard to say no to one of these babies!
FitFact: Raw cacao is extremely antioxidizing, and can act as an energy booster as it’s magnesium helps combat fatigue.

Pop in, pick up a dessert & let us know what you think! #CrusshChat

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