Nutrition & Allergens


We believe that healthy food should be delicious, filling, and packed full of amazing ingredients that provide functional benefits for our bodies. No fad diets, no deprivation, just delicious food that helps keep us fit and contribute towards good health.  

We also like to make it easy for you to make healthier choices, so we pull out key nutritional benefits on the front of our packaging, things like the protein or fibre content, 5 a day, if it’s low in saturated fat, gluten free or plant based…and you can also find out why some of these things are good for your body on the back of our packaging, if that’s your thing!

Allergens & Product labelling

Nowadays, a large number of the population have an allergy or food intolerance, and we’re got over 20 years of expertise in this area.

All our pre-packaged products are fully labelled and comply with UK law on Allergen labelling. This is the case for Crussh products you’d find on a supermarket shelf, as well as in a Crussh store.

When it comes to products that are made fresh on site in on of our Crussh stores, the labelling is different as the products aren’t pre-packaged, so different rules apply here. It can all be rather complicated, but here’s our best shot at explaining what you’ll find where, and what that means. Get your reading glasses on, here goes…!  

Crussh food products in-store
Crussh team prepping food instore


We have a central Crussh kitchen in East London where we make all chilled food products that you’ll find in Crussh stores, as well on the shelves of supermarkets and retailers like Sainsbury’s & WHSmiths, and online delivery platforms like Ocado Zoom.

Our Crussh kitchen is BRC AA accredited, and we have strict processes and procedures in place to eliminate cross contamination risks, to ensure products are free from certain allergens. We do however handle nuts and sesame in our cooking methods, and they are commonly used by our suppliers, so although we have procedures in place to minimise cross contamination risks, we do highlight this on our packaging in case there are traces of these allergens present. 


In all our stores, we have an Allergen Guide that contains every Crussh product and a quick view list of the allergens. Plus, we also have a Product Information Manual (PIM), that contains a list of the ingredients, allergens and nutritional info for every single Crussh product and you can ask to see this at ANY time!

We train our teams to use this book as the single reference point and encourage them not to answer any questions without checking first. So, please don’t be surprised if they refer you here instead of answering what may seem like a simple question, we ask them to do this so we get you the right information and avoid any potentially serious mistakes being made.

Crussh in-store till area


Our store environment is different, it’s lively and full of energy with lots of lovely team members aiming to serve you as quickly as possible. All of our juices, smoothies, hot drinks, hot breakfast and hot lunch are freshly prepared in our on-site kitchens where we handle different allergens in a very small and very busy space. So, although we have processes in place to reduce the risk of cross contamination, we can’t 100% guarantee these products are completely free from allergens.  

Within these areas, there are lots of products that are made without any allergen-containing ingredients, for example all our juices are made with non-gluten and non-dairy containing ingredients, but due to a very small cross contamination risk, we don’t label these as GF or DF just in case. So, if you have a mild intolerance, or are vegan for example, you can happily enjoy all these products, but if you have a severe milk allergy, you may choose to avoid these.

Our Allergen Guide contains a list of all the products we sell in our stores, with the 14 declarable allergens listed along the top of the page for your reference

If you have a specific allergen outside of the declarable list, or you have any other questions within this area, please either send as a message via our contact form or do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email at  

Phew, you made it to the end!

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