Post party shots & a new vegan cheese toastie!

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Post party shots & a new vegan cheese toastie!

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w‘Tis the season to be jolly falalalala lalalala… any rules you may have had about mid-week partying are out the window and the festivities are underway. Well, it’s all fun and games until your alarm goes off, you realise you’ve hit the snooze button five times and you’re going to be late for work… Sounds like you need a post party pick me up?

Introducing the Chilli beets booster shot… a little bottle of concentrated goodness with a spicy kick to whop your ass into gear the morning after the night before!

Tell me more, I hear you say…

  • Beetroot increases blood flow! Oxygen is pumped around the body by our red blood cells… the more oxygen you get the less yawning you’re gunna be doing
  • Pineapple balances blood sugar levels which have been sent way out of whack by last night’s alcohol consumption
  • Grapefruit is full of liver protecting antioxidants – you’re probably gunna need a few of those!
  • Ginger will help soothe the stomach & prevent nausea (thank us later)
  • Chilli, as mentioned before - a spicy kick to whop your ass into gear!

So, you made it through breakfast… now it’s time for lunch!

We’ve got cheesy goodness for one and all with our Festive turkey, brie & cranberry and VEGAN cheese, mushroom & chestnut sourdough spelt toasties. PLUS, our new Coronation turkey wrap. Christmas leftovers BEFORE Christmas, WIN! Last and most certainly not least, our new Brussel sprout healthpot! Well, you’ve gotta get at least one of your five a day in, right?

So, there we have it, a festive menu for one and all! Eat, drink and be merry!

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