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Protein power!

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Did you know that every cell in the human body contains protein? Protein is an essential macro nutrient that helps your body to repair cells and make new ones, so it’s pretty important we’re getting enough of the stuff in our diets.

The newest protein-powered addition to the Crussh menu is our Mocha Protein Power Balls! 3 little balls of goodness powered up with almonds, whey protein, dates, cacao & espresso. There are 11.5 grams of protein in every pot, which got us thinking… do you know how much protein is actually in the food your consuming?

We’ve got the lowdown on 5 popular plant and non plant-based protein sources so you can swat up on your protein knowledge!

5 popular plant-based proteins:

  • Edamame beans 11.8g per 85g serving
  • Chickpeas 9.2g per ½ can serving
  • Almonds 8.7g per 30g serving
  • Green lentils 8.1g per ½ can serving
  • Tofu 8.1g per serving 70g serving

5 popular non plant-based proteins:

  • Chicken breast 30.6g per 100g serving
  • Whey protein 21g per 25g serving
  • Beef Jerky (we like Ember Billtong) 18.8g per 30g serving
  • Tuna 15.1g per 60g serving
  • Eggs 7.1g per medium egg

Did you know that, the average person is recommended to eat approximately 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight every day, so get clued up and power up with protein!

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