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Power your way into 2020!

Protein has been an increasingly hot topic over the past few years. Not just for gym goers, studies have found protein can keep you feeling fuller for longer making you less likely to raid the office biscuit tin during a mid-afternoon slump.

We are excited to announce the launch our new range of freshly blended protein shakes into Crussh stores this January!

We’ve teamed up with SF Nutrition to create four delicious flavours, with carefully crafted macros, each packing over 20g of protein at under 300 cals. Each shake is all natural (no artificial gunk in any of the SF Nutrition protein powders), plant based and blended freshly to order.

Decide if you are a Super Berry Warrior, Choco nutter, Incredible Bulk or Pure Protein fan below;

Super Berry Warrior

If you are a fan of the Crussh Berry Blast this one’s for you;
Almond milk, vanilla plant protein, blueberries, strawberries, banana, flax seeds

Choco nutter

Go nuts for protein;
Almond milk, chocolate plant protein, banana, almond butter

Incredible Bulk

Taste wise has been likened to a Twister ice lolly in the Crussh office, minus added sugar …
Coconut milk, vanilla plant protein, spinach, pineapple, banana, lime

Pure Protein – Chocolate or Vanilla

For those really counting their macros this one is for you. Does what is says on the (protein) tin.
Almond milk, chocolate or vanilla plant protein

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