Top 5: Pumpkin Health Benefits

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Top 5: Pumpkin Health Benefits

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Did we get you? (It’s evident our scare factor still needs a bit of work)

Bucket loads of sweets, a couple of spooky cocktails & some wicked dress ups are all in store this weekend if you’re celebrating Halloween.
We know pumpkins make for the perfect decoration & look superb on Instagram -  but did you know that consuming pumpkin can actually add some great health benefits too?

  1. Skin boosting
    Pumpkin contains carotenoids, which contain beta-carotene & beta-cryptoxanthin properties which can help with protecting skin tissue. The Vit A & Vit C in pumpkins help soften & smooth the skin, so forget about all those creams you’ve tried!
  1. Source of energy
    Bananas are often a go-to for energy (as they contain loads of potassium), but cooked pumpkins actually contain more refuelling potassium than a banana! Pre-gym snack anyone?
  1. Immune boosting
    If you’re on ‘trick or treat’ duty with the kids, you’ll need a bit of an immune boost, it’s set to be chilly out there!
  1. Fibre-filling
    Pumpkins are a great source of fibre. Being a low calorie veg, consuming pumpkin is a great way to pack in a load of vitamins & nutrients, while staying full for longer!
  2. Antioxidising
    Pumpkins are a powerhouse for nutrients! They’re charged with a number of different antioxidants which have been known to help fight cancer, assist with age related diseases & cardiovascular disease.

There are many ways to enjoy pumpkin; as a pie, roasted, drunk or even as a tasty dessert! So, what cha waiting for?

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