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Rowan’s Ride: Cape Epic

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650 teams, 700km and 7 days straight on the bike, Cape Epic is an ultimate adventure through the Western Cape region in South Africa.  Our Head of Finance has been training for the challenge, so we asked him to share his training tips with us…

How long have you been training for Cape Epic?
I’ve been training since October last year as it generally takes about 5-6 months to prep for the race. My training is a combination of running and strength work, and some serious hours on the bike!

What does your training schedule look like?
I train early in the morning, for about one and a half hours, 3-4 times a week, to get it in before the mayhem starts!  The morning rides are always before work as it gets me going for the day, and acts as a stress relief! I normally have 2 hard sessions and 2 easier sessions, followed by 3-4 hour sessions on the weekends (If the mud is not too bad 😜)

How do you stay motivated, especially when training through winter?
Motivation has never been an issue for me because I love riding my bike. I also know that if I can get into good shape, it will make the week of racing more enjoyable. Knowing I’m going to ride with a bunch of my mates for 8 days is enough motivation in itself! As for the winter, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!

What kinds of foods are crucial to fuel your daily training sessions?
I am a lot less structured with food than I am with my training, I will eat pretty much anything! However a couple of things can't be missed; I never miss breakfast, and I eat a proper breakfast. A good balance of protein (to rebuild the muscles), carbohydrate to refuel the body, and veg to keep the immune system up and running. This has been easier while at Crussh as I tend to drink my greens (my favourite is Lean Green with turmeric and ginger) I really enjoy my coffee and I still have a glass of wine every now and then. While I try to be disciplined while training, I don't get paid to do this, I do it because it's fun, and if that means ’cheating’ with meals every now and then, then that's okay.

Which adventures are next on your list?
I think I will take a break after this to enjoying running, and spending time with my wife and 2 young girls. Summer is on its way and they love to spend time outdoors, so we will find some cool things to do. But knowing me, if we are lucky enough to get invited back, I’ll be back at Cape Epic again next year 😜

You can follow Rowan’s journey on his twitter @RowanGrobler

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Photo Credit: http://www.southafrica.net/

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