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The Sambazon Acai Bowl is back for summer, and this time it’s bought a friend...Introducing the NEW Acai Protein Powerhouse Smoothie!


But firstly, what is acai and why is it so great?

Pronounced AH-SIGH-EE (we know you just tried this out loud ;) ) this small but mighty purple Amazonian berry grows on the banks of the River Amazon & packs a host of nutrition benefits!

Like what?

  • HEALTHY OMEGAS: Good fats for both brain & body function
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS: Helps boost your immunity, heart health, and fight those naughty free radicals!
  • PROTEIN: Good for maintaining muscles and building strength #gains
  • FIBRE: Helps keep you full and your tummy healthy!

So, tell me more about this new Smoothie? 

Protein-packed, the new Acai Protein Powerhouse is the perfect post-gym pick me up, made from frozen yogurt, acai, mango, banana, a plant protein booster & a touch of apple juice. Freshly blended to order with ice cold acai sorbet & frozen fruit, it’s the ultimate workout cool down!

And just as a reminder, our acai bowls and smoothie cups are 100% recyclable!

Summer pick me ups, sorted.