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Spring tastes & trends event

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On Wednesday 12th of April, 40 hungry Londoners came down to our Crussh store on New Street Square to celebrate Spring with our Tastes & Trends event!
We were lucky enough to be joined by some inspiring guests from the Fitssi team and community - Jess Sriv, Anika, Sarah Malcolm, Chloe Thomas, Jo Bedford, Libby …to name a few.

We started the evening with some Kombucha ‘Champagne’, followed by shots of all our fave raw juice and super smoothies.

James Kidman, our Nutritionist & Product Developer, opened the evening with an intro into the inspiration behind our new Spring menu, as well as sharing some current health food trends.

  • Vegan Diets: The rise in demand for vegan options that don’t compromise flavour or nutritional value is really gaining momentum.
  • Protein Pots: People are increasingly looking for quick protein hits before or after work out sessions.
  • Buddha Bowls: Food must look beautiful, and the more ‘instagrammable’, the better. We used the ‘Buddha bowl’ concept when creating our new Vegan Nourish Super Salad Box
  • Raw Desserts: Health conscious Londoners love a raw, refined sugar-free dessert! While these can currently be difficult to find on the high street, they’re in high demand especially as the weather gets warmer.

Host of the night Katie Booth, Co-founder of Fitssi (now named “Vlique”), discussed some of the trends they are currently seeing in the fitness world…

  • Social Aspect of fitness: The rise in group training has become evident across young adults who want to get fit, and are happy to do it together.
  • Outdoor workouts: Now that the weather is lighter & brighter, people are taking their training outside of the gyms and enjoying London’s parks and outdoor equipment areas.
  • Technology: Fitness, friends & food are now closely tied due to social media, and the rise of fitness & foodie apps.

The evening was filled with tasters of our new Spring menu, from new protein healthpots to raw vegan desserts & homemade energy balls. It was safe to say the ‘Croats’ – Carrot and sultana overnight oats, and the raw vegan key lime pie were definitely the two favourites of the night!

Everyone who came left with a goodie bag stacked with treats, but best of all – a training session with Vlique. Fitness sessions by Vlique will take place in Crussh stores during May, watch this space for more info!

*Photo Credit; All about Anika

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