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Super Salad Range

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Introducing our latest Fit Food recipes, the Super Salad boxes!

Super by name, super by nature. Not only is our new range full of flavour but all 6 new salads are packed with vitamins & nutrients essential for nourishing your body, just in time for January. From a protein-rich Boost Box to a vegan friendly Vitality Box, there’s something for everyone this winter!

In case you need a bit of help, here’s what we think…

 The Vitality (V, Ve, DF, N)

Our take on a  mezze style salad, with falafel, creamy hummus, aubergine tapenade, quinoa & chickpeas, pomegranate, mint & toasted almonds.  A great all-rounder, full of antioxidants and lots of flavour!

The Protein Boost (DF, WF, GF)

A low carb, high protein packed salad with smoked salmon, marinated chicken, hardboiled egg, chia seed avocado & baby spinach. Perfect for refueling after a workout.

The Radiance (DF, WF, GF)

Seed crusted mackerel on a bed of spiralised butternut squash & courgetti with peas, edamame & spinach and a salsa verde dressing. This salad is high in Omega 3, great for your joints, heart, brain as well as facilitating healthy skin & hair growth.




The Immunity (V, WF, GF, N)

Cauliflower rice is a great immune strengthening food, and we’ve stacked it up with roasted veg, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, mint and almonds for a great tasting & nutritious salad.

The Greens & Grains (DF, WF, GF)

This veggie salad contains energy boosting buckwheat, nutrient packed broccoli and antioxidizing beetroot. Its combined with walnuts, olives, mixed leaves and a kimchi & pear dressing.



The Energizer (V)

For an energy-fueled lunch before a kick ass gym session, this box has got you covered. Wholewheat pasta, baby new potatoes, green beans, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, parmesan & a homemade pesto.

The Spicy Boost (DF, WF, GF)

Chicken, kale slaw, Chinese leaf, toasted coconut shavings & black sesame seeds with a spicy satay dressing. This box is high in Vitamin C (great for the cold weather!) and is a great source of protein.

January fit food fix - Sorted!


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