Sustainability & Sourcing


At Crussh, we’re committed to making changes to improve our sustainability credentials, and we’re always working away on new ideas and solutions in the background. Here’s an overview of where we are today, and where we aspire to be in the future.

And of course, if you have any suggestions then please do get in touch, the more ideas the better!  

Packaging & Reducing Our Plastics

  • 99% of our plastics are widely recyclable, including our juice & smoothie cups and we endeavour to always use RPET plastic (recycled) to prevent virgin oil-based plastics being created.  
  • We serve our salads in a compostable base made from bagasse (sugar cane residue) and a fully recyclable lid, made from 70% recycled materials.
  • Several of our items used in Crussh stores like napkins & coffee sleeves are made from recycled materials & are 100% biodegradable.
2 smoothies in recyclable cups
Reusable straws
  • No plastic straws are used in Crussh stores, we only offer compostable straws.  
  • We also sell reusable stainless-steel straws to encourage customers to reuse.
  • We have introduced canned Life Water, the ethical water brand that funds clean water projects and builds wells across the globe.
  • In all stores, you can fill your reusable water bottles with filtered tap water by asking a member of the team.

We will continue to eliminate single-use plastics from our business and aim to serve all our food & drink in reusable, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging.

A reusable cup with coffee and half a bagel

Reuse & Save!

We offer a 50p discount for customers who bring in reusable coffee cups. We also sell e-coffee bamboo cups in all Crussh stores, and we give a free coffee with every purchase.

We also offer a 50p discount for customers who bring in reusable cups for juices and smoothies.

Reducing food waste

It’s estimated that over 7m tonnes of food is thrown away each day in Britain, and although we’re a tiny part of this, we genuinely want to help reduce this number. To help reduce our impact, we operate our ‘½ price fit food sale’ – Fresh fit food, half price, 1 hour before close. This helps reduce the amount of food going in the bin at the end of the day, and helps you get delicious Crussh food, for ½ the price! We introduced this across our business in 2017 and it reduced our food waste by over 2% and has become a real institution for our loyal customers. 

A range of Crussh food and drinks
A green Felix van

Local community

Where we haven’t been able to sell the food at a discount, we empower our stores to make local arrangements in their communities. This can range from passing food to homeless people on the way home to more formal arrangements with organisations such as The Felix Project who pick up from some of of our stores for distribution locally.

Eating more plants

Numerous studies have shown that eating a more plant-based diet is a big thumbs up for the planet and there are lots of ways that people can do that without going 100% vegan. At Crussh we’ve always had a lot of love for vegetables and have lots of veggie and vegan options on our menu; currently, 70% of our range is vegetarian and 45% is vegan. There is so much goodness to be had from plants, pulses, grains, nuts and seeds so you’ll find these throughout most of our dishes!

A bunch of carrots

Sourcing & Ingredients

We try our best to source as much as we can from within the UK, and as locally as possible, but our products contain lots of weird & wonderful ingredients, so for some things, we need to source from other parts of the world.

Our ingredients

  • We source based on seasonality to ensure our ingredients are at their best. For example, when in season, our spinach & kale is grown in local fields in Kent. 
  • Our dairy milk and yogurt is organic and comes from Yeo Valley in Bristol.  
  • We get a lot of our bread from a local bakery called Paul Rhodes, who we worked with to create our own our unique sourdough spelt toastie recipe. 
  • Our acai for our acai bowls is organic and Fairtrade. 
A variety of fruit
Coffees being made with a coffee machine
  • We’ve always believed it’s what’s on the inside that counts, which is why we’re proud to use ‘Class Two’ fruit and veg for juicing. Often rejected by supermarkets for looking a bit funny, these glorious bits of food and veg taste just as good and a perfect for juicing or blending into a smoothie! 
  • All our Cold Press juices also use wonky fruit & veg and are produced in Cambridgeshire.  
  • Our coffee is Organic & Fairtrade and we use 100% arabica beans, sourced from African & S. American regions with our coffee partner, Bewley’s. Our oat milk comes from the lovely people at Oatly, and our soya milk is Organic.
  • We pay Fairtrade premiums each year, and these premium payments are used by coffee farmers in Peru, Honduras & Colombia to invest in their businesses to make them more sustainable for the future. These funds are also used for community development projects based on needs identified by the groups themselves.
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