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The Festive Fixer

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Christmas is hard.

On top of the gift-buying, family organization and remembering to book train tickets back home we are expected to socialize harder than a ‘00’s It girl, and one that still has to do a day job.

Butwhat if someone had a solution?

What if Santa’s little helper promised to help erase the feeling of that free bar, instead of bringing you an Impulse* gift set.

Introducing… The Festive Fixer from Crussh.

While we can’t promise this smoothie will stop flashbacks of snogging Alex from accounts**, it WILL help with post-party recovery!

A fresh blend of frozen yoghurt, coconut water, blueberries, pineapple, banana & ginger, these ingredients have been specifically picked to provide hydration, stomach soothing and energy.

As well as being your MUST HAVE day-after-the-christmas-party tonic, this smoothie also does good! Crussh is donating 50p from each smoothie to London-based charity The Felix Project Who help tackle food poverty and waste.

The Festive Fixer will be on sale in Crussh from Monday 11th Nov, until 5th Jan.


*No shade intended. As we all know Impulse is a very very important part of any British teen’s formative years!

**If anyone finds the formula for this PLEASE let us know.



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