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The Crussh App

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The Crussh app is here (hooray!) & available for download on Google Play & The App store.

How to: Get started

  1. Download the Crussh app from Google Play or The App Store
  2. Create your profile with a picture (so we can identify you) & payment details (so we can charge your mobile wallet seamlessly)
  3. Pre-order or use your app to pay in store!
  4. Collect loyalty stamps, read about Crussh news & track your purchases digitally.

How to: Pre-order
The top of your home page will display the 3 Crussh stores closest to you. Select which one you would like to pre-order from by tapping ‘pre-order’ to open the menu. Add your items to the basket, check out, & your order will be ready in 4-7 minutes. Head in store to the pre-order collection point to collect your order – simples!

*payment will be automatically deducted from your mobile wallet balance after you have submitted your pre-order.

How to: Pay in store
Paying in store is as simple as paying by card or cash as you usually would – just make sure you’re checked into the store from the homepage when you’re in store. When you go to the till to pay, request to pay via app so we can find you on our system & process the payment for you.

*After a seamless experience? Tap your favourite location from the banner at the top and enable automatic check in. That way, you’ll never have to take your phone out of your pocket again! You can view your transaction & receipt within the app.

How to: Collect rewards
Free coffee on download: Woo! Have one on us. When you’re in store, make sure you’re checked in and show your voucher at the till.
Coffee loyalty card: This card is exclusive to our app! Enjoy 10 coffees & receive your 10th free.
Smoothie & juice loyalty card: Got one of our current juice & smoothie paper loyalty cards? Bring it in and we’ll convert your stamps onto the paperless version on the app. (Help us help the environment!)
Exclusive food offers: Every so often, we’’ send out food perks! Make sure your notifications are switched on so you don’t miss out on alerts ‘appy days!’

The Menu
You’ll find most things on our menu, apart from daily changing hot food items because these vary from store to store! Fear not, you can still pick them up in store & pay via your app.

If that hasn’t answered your questions, feel free to browse the FAQ’s below…

Can I download the app to any phone?
You can download the Crussh App on any iPhone or Android device

What does the Crussh App do and why should I use it?
We have created the Crussh App to help simplify a little bit of your life and to help reward you for being a loyal Crussh customer.

Why do I need a picture of myself to use payments?
As an added security measure, your picture is important because it allows the Crussh team to identify you and validate that you are the one authorising payment. Please ensure customer pictures are clear for their security.

What incentive is there for me to use the Crussh App?
We have created the Crussh App to enhance your experience with Crussh. We hope that you enjoy using the various features and that we have found a way to use technology to improve and simplify your experience with us. We welcome suggestions as to other ways you would like to use the Crussh App.

Does the Crussh App allow me to pay for my juices and other products?
Yes! We suggest you top-up your balance so you have a pre-paid credit that you can use for any Crussh purchase

Do I have to queue if I’m paying with the Crussh App?
Paying with the Crussh App in the store is an alternative to paying with cash, debit or credit card, so you still need to order at the till. However, if you would like to skip the queue, you can always pre-order your favourite product from the within your App.

I cannot check-in, why not?
The Crussh App will only allow you to check-in when you are nearby or inside the Crussh store. If you are in the store and you still have difficulty, please check your internet connection and that you have location services enabled for the Crussh App.

What do you do with the information I share?
We use the information you provide to enhance your experience with us, we do not sell it to others! Check our privacy policy for more information.

How do I get a refund on the balance of the money sitting in my wallet within the app?
We sincerely hope you wish to continue using the Crussh App. If you feel differently, please email appydays@crussh.com and we'll process your request within 10 business days.

What can I pay for with the Crussh App?
You can pay for any Crussh purchase up to a value of £30.

How do I top-up?
Select ‘Top-Up’ on your Profile page and select the amount you wish to top-up by - £10, £20.

Which forms of payment can I use to top-up
We accept any debit or credit card from Visa, MasterCard and any card that has been enabled for ApplePay. Amex is currently supported.

What is Auto top-up?
To save you having to remember, you can select to auto top-up, which will top-up your balance by your chosen amount anytime it goes below £10.

Are there any limits to the balance I can hold within the Crussh App?
Yes, for your security, the highest balance we allow at any given time is £55. We are also aligned with contactless standards, limiting each order to a maximum spend of £30.

How do I remove my credit card?
Select ‘Payments’ from your menu and select Remove Card. This will not affect your current balance.

Why do I need to allow notifications from the Crussh App to use payments?
For your security, we need to be able to send you a message every time a purchase is made. We do this via push notification to keep you informed of any account activity. You can also review all your activity in History.

Where can I see what I've previously spent at Crussh?
You can view all of your account activity including purchases in the History tab within your App.

Other Questions?
Please email appydays@crussh.com and we will respond as soon as possible.


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