Top 5: Brain Foods

an arrangement of Avocados

Ahhh, University life. A vicious cycle of eat-sleep-study-repeat, right? What we do know is that finding the right sources of energy is crucial to fuelling through those late-night library visits (or club sessions) & sleepy mornings. So, we’ve done some digging & questioned our nutritionist on the top 5 brain foods, because hey, you’ll need all the help you can get to survive the years ahead!

  1. Blueberries aka “brain-berries”

    Lots of studies have found that blueberries can help improve memory function, they contain unique phytonutrients & a stack of antioxidants, and are also said to stabilize brain function – woot! Enjoy by themselves, in porridge, with yoghurt or blended into a smoothie, blueberries go with everything (almost).

  2. Bulletproof coffee

    If you want to work like the geniuses over at Silicon Valley, you’ve got to drink like them too! Said to help you write faster, think quicker & work more efficiently, bulletproof coffee is a satisfying, energising cup of coffee. The coffee is blended with grass fed butter & Brain Octane or MCT oil, full of caprylic acid which will provide instant energy & mental clarity.
    *Available at selected Crussh stores

  3. Chia Charged apple pie super smoothie with brain booster

    The leaves are falling, the nights are drawing in and the Autumn spice obsession is in full swing! We’ve powered our Autumn spiced chia charged apple pie smoothie with a brain booster as let’s be honest, everyone needs a little extra power as the weather starts to turn.

    Our brain booster is a combination of Phosphatidyl serine and Gingko biloba. Phosphatidyl serine is found in every single cell in the human body and is a key building block for brain cells. Gingko biloba is a herb that has been known to increase concentration, enhance memory and protect the brain from neuronal damage.
    **info overload**

  4. Avocados

    Not only are avocados a personal favourite, they’re super-duper for boosting brain power too! Avocados are high in tyrosine, an amino acid that helps your brain stay motivated and focused. Nutrient-dense and stacked with all the vitamins your brain needs (C, E, K & B) Avocados may just be the ingredient between you and that First…

  5. Nuts

    Walnuts contain DHA – a type of Omega-3 fatty acid which has shown to protect brain health & improve cognitive performance. Almonds & hazelnuts are also a great study snack, tasty as ever & packed with vit E, you’ll be memorising those facts in no time.

So, open your books, grab your study notes and stock up on your fave brain foods. Now all you need to remember is to get out of bed… 😉

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