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Top 5: Fitness apps

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More and more of us are jumping on board when it comes to using apps for everyday activities. There’s an app for the shop-a-holics, the bargain hunters, the serial daters and of course the fitness lovers! Whether you’re a tech-addict, a fitness fanatic or looking for a little extra ‘fitspo’, here are the top 5 fitness apps we’re loving at the moment.

    Free download on the app store & google play

‘An oldie, but a goodie!’ Use this app to keep track of your diet & monitor your exercise habits. As time goes on, this app just gets better and better and now boasts a library of over 5 million products that you can add to your diary (You might even come across your fave Crussh goodies along the way!)

    7 day free trial now available on the app store & google play

Aaptiv has recently launched on the app store here in the UK, and can we just say – wow! This app is great if you’re a member of a gym that doesn’t offer classes or if you’re lacking a bit of motivation during your outdoor run or park workout. Aaptiv hosts a library of different classes for different types of workouts, complete with a music genre of your choice and a personal trainer motivating you from start to finish. Whether its a pop music advanced treadmill workout, a 90s music core workout in the park, or a relaxing yoga class from your living room…there’s something on Aaptiv for everyone.

    Free download on the app store

Ahhh…a little bit of yoga goes a long way, especially with the help of this app. Fitstar yoga is a video based app, where you can modify the session to your liking by altering the difficulty level & music type – perfecto! The videos are extremely useful – helping you out with your downward dog and all the other yogi poses you’ll be getting into. Namaste.

    2 week trial for £19 now available on the app store & google play

With gyms popping up left right & centre, London’s fitness industry doesn’t seem to ever sleep does it? ClassPass is great if you’re a commitment-phob, as you can try different gyms and revisit your faves without signing any contracts. A different work out in a different part of London at a different gym has never been easier. All classes are reviewed by its attendees, helping you gather the info you may need before your make your decision.

    10 day free trial now available on the app store & google play

Headspace is a wellness app, great for maintaining a healthy mind and unwinding after a long day at the office. With meditations ranging from 2-60 minutes, an array of sleep tracking tools & performance analytics, this app offers a moment of relaxation when you need it most.

Let us know which apps you’re loving at the moment! #CrusshChat


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