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Top 5: Gym classes in London

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London’s boutique fitness scene is the ultimate playground for gym fanatics and novices alike. Here are our top five fitness classes to get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing.

Heartcore - Ride2Tone
Location: Notting Hill
Best for: Cardio, mindfulness

If you’re looking for a full mind and body workout, Heartcore have it covered – 30 minutes hard core spin to get your adrenaline pumping followed by 30 minutes of mobility, toning and relaxation. Their state of the art facilities, selection of luxury body products and cold lemongrass towels will help you to forget you even came to work out!

1Rebel - Reshape
Location: Broadgate Circus & City
Best for: High intensity cardio, strength training

You haven’t worked out until you’ve dropped by 1Rebel. Reshape will push you to your limits both physically and mentally! Split into several short rounds you’ll be faced with everything from incline sprints on the treadmills to squat jumps and leg raises on the benches. Push past the burn, you’ll be running back for more (if you can still walk) before you know it.

Core collective - Velocity
Location: Kensington
Best for: High intensity full body workout

We’re loving this fast paced, circuit style work out Kensington’s Core Collective. You’ll power through a series of 40 second exercises, working every inch of your body to the max. This is not a class for the faint hearted but, as the saying goes, no pain no gain!

Studio Lagree - Reformer Pilates
Location: City
Best for: Core, strength, toning

We can’t get enough of this low impact, strength building master class. With a series of springs, handles, straps and resistance ropes there’s a lot to get to grips with at Studio Lagree but have no fear! A specially trained instructor will be there to guide you through every muscle cramping move, activating slow twitch muscle fibres and creating that long lean physique we all dream of.

Boom cycle - Spin
Location: Shoreditch, Holborn
Best for: Cardio, working up a sweat

We think Boom Cycle is the only place to kick-start a guilt free weekend (or week day). Low lights, a live dj and a philosophy built around cycling to the beat, this is the ultimate hipster fitness hang out. Immerse yourself in a world of bikes and beats and come away feeling pumped, energised and ready to tackle the day or night ahead!

Photo Credit: Heartcore, broadgate.co.uk, corecollective, studiolagreeuk, boomcycle

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