Vegan Crussh lives on!

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Vegan Crussh lives on!

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At the beginning of the year, we opened the doors to our first ever, 100% plant-based Crussh. We brought you lots of plant-powered goodies including the high street’s first vegan ‘feta’ wrap, gooey vegan chocolate fudge brownies and a brand-new vegan smoothie menu!

We have since launched two new hot breakfast items which are exclusively available at Vegan Crussh. We’re talking protein packed Tofu & Spinach Scramble (12 grams to be exact) and a Mexican Bean Pot which is bursting with flavour. To ‘top’ it off, they come with a choice of two toppings which include the famous vegan ‘feta’, guacamole, avocado, fresh chilli or herbs & seeds.

We asked you to vote for us to stay vegan or go back to normal and so far, your feedback has been overwhelming, and you voted 6 to 1 in favour of keeping the store vegan! But, there have been a few of you missing some of our classics, like scrambled egg pots, and our protein salad. So we’ve decided we need to gather a bit more feedback first before we decide on the store’s fate! For now, Vegan Crussh lives on!

KEEP VOTING! The future of vegan Crussh is in your hands.

Vegan Crussh, Broadwick Street, Soho

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