Have you visited our half-price sale?

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Have you visited our half-price sale?

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It is estimated that in the UK alone we throw away £17 billion of food every year, that is the equivalent of almost 6 billion tube journeys!

At Crussh we hate to see food go to waste and want to do our bit to help tackle this problem

So, last year we launched the half-price sale - Fresh fit food, half price, every day, 1 hour before close, result! Let’s face it, our food is far better off in your hands!

We might not be able to solve the problem overnight, but we’re committed to fighting food waste one day at a time.

T&Cs: Valid on any fridge or hot food item displaying a red sticker. In-store only. Not valid for deliveries, corporate accounts or in conjunction with any other offer.

If you think you can help us on our journey to reducing food waste, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch.

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